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XCOM Wireless

XCOM is an early innovator of adaptive RF switching and tuning components for industrial, government, and consumer applications, spanning the range from low frequency radio up to millimeter waves.

Switching components for automated test equipment (ATE), government radios, and infrastructure are in low-volume production. These products have vastly improved performance, lifetime, and repeatability as compared to conventional technologies such as electromechanical and solid-state relays.

A convergence of wireless device standards has driven a need for "Intelligent" radio front ends that adapt complex RF architectures for changing modes and operating conditions in multi-mode systems. XCOM has developed tuning components that help our customers adapt amplifiers, filters, and antennas to maximize efficiency and data throughput. When proliferated across infrastructure and mobile devices, this will increase network capacity, user quality of service, and extend battery life.

XCOM is shipping standard relay products low-volume applications, is actively sampling to new customers, and works with industry and government partners to develop specialized components.