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XCOM 2012 News


Signal Hill, CA, 11 March 2012 - XCOM Wireless, Inc. (XCOM), an award-winning developer of radio frequency (RF) products, announces that RF relays with 10-V drive voltages are now being sampled to domestic customers and partners on a limited basis. These micromechanical (MEMS) parts are designed for size-constrained and performance-critical applications in Automated Test Equipment (ATE), RF test equipment, Government radios, and wireless infrastructure. Cost reduction for consumer applications is slated for 2013-14.

"XCOM is committed to meeting the needs of our customers in voltage-constrained and speed-critical applications," said Dr. Dan Hyman, CEO of XCOM. "We have forged ahead with focused engineering and product development, even through tough times," he continued, referring to a multi-year slowdown in ATE and Government equipment purchases.

Analysts have pointed to the surge in higher-end consumer platforms such as tablets and smart phones as a sign of a vigorous wireless market, and Dr. Hyman believes the future lies in "smarter" radio front ends for these applications. "The carriers want more capacity, and users want more data access and battery life - it's a good time to transition our high-end technologies into higher-volume markets." Significant impediments have been price, size, and voltage, however. "Until now," claims Dr. Hyman, "We hit size and voltage, and price is a matter of volume at this point."

About RF MEMS Relays

High performance, small footprint, and rugged packaging makes XCOM's RF MEMS Relays ideal for a diverse set of applications where low loss, high isolation, and high bandwidth are required. XCOM combines the high performance of a metal contact with the surface-mount footprint of a solid-state relay. Applications include switching and signal routing in ATE and RF test equipment; and tunable filters, antennas, and matching networks for radios, infrastructure, and radar systems. For more information and samples, contact sales@xcomwireless.com. Export restrictions on certain products apply.

About XCOM Wireless

XCOM develops revolutionary products based on their world-class expertise in Radio-Frequency, MicroElectroMechanical Systems (RF MEMS) that enable a new generation of test equipment and radio architectures. XCOM is a privately held company, formed in 2000 and headquartered in Signal Hill, CA.
For partnership, investment, or corporate information, please contact: Daniel Hyman, President, at (562) 981-0077 x12 or dhyman@xcomwireless.com.

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