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XCOM Products

XCOM products all use RF MEMS switching elements configured into an integrated circuit. These circuits are fabricated on silicon substrates and hermetically packaged ready for customer use.

The first XCOM product line is a relay initially marketed to the government radio and automated test equipment (ATE) industries. XCOM products are lower cost than other products having 6-12 GHz bandwidth, with superior lifetime, repeatability, and RF performance characteristics. They meet all relevant industrial and MILSTD reliability tests, and are all RoHS-compliant.

Test systems using XCOM parts can test wireless and high-speed digital chips faster and with higher quality tests, saving time and cost. Load boards using XCOM parts do not have to be scrapped after each production run, as their long life enables them to be reconfigured and reused. The parts switch quickly using very low power, so engineering time for setup, test design, and reconfiguration is minimized. Operational reliability and lifetimes are extremely high, so test system down time can be slashed. For a major product line, these advantages can save hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per month!

A second product line to begin sampling in 2012 includes chip-scale packaged tuning circuits for Defense, enterprise, and consumer wireless infrastructure, such as base station equipment and femtocells. XCOM is presently working with several customers towards custom antenna and amplifier circuit solutions that focus on adaptive tuning and component reduction.

Contact sales@xcomwireless.com for product specifications of our present SPDT (single pole double throw) relay, as well as preliminary spec sheets of our SP4T, low-voltage, and other products that have not yet been qualified for production. Export restrictions apply to some components.