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XCOM Technology

XCOM products are based around a microfabricated (MEMS) relay technology that is a miniaturization of electro-mechanical relays used in automotive and industrial applications.

MEMS switching elements physically operate in a similar manner as "macroscopic" relays, but are on a size scale comparable to integrated circuits, approximately the same width as a human hair. As with integrated transistors, the concept is simple, but actual devices are complex and have taken over a decade to develop.

Wireless component markets suffer from poor switching options ranging from decades-old electromechanical technologies to the modern solid state components having complex architectures and linearity problems. XCOM RF MEMS have higher performance, consume less power, and cost less. They are comparable in size to III-V (e.g., GaAs) solid-state devices, but with "best of breed" performance in nearly every measurable technical category.

Recent achievements in nanotechnology, metallurgy, packaging, and actuator technologies have enabled longer lifetimes, higher reliability, higher repeatability, lower drive voltages, and faster switching speeds to keep pace with advancing customer needs. Present devices have switching speeds of a few microseconds, power handling of 2 Watts, repeatability of 0.02 dB, and characteristic lifetime under real operating conditions over 100M with well-behaved failure mechanisms.

XCOM is presently shipping our high-end product line for test equipment, infrastructure and Defense customers. Miniaturized chip-scale products for consumer applications are in development. Please contact info@xcomwireless.com for more information.

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